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Master Distribution System (MDS) Details

Executive Information System

C-Level executives need to know the status of the business in summary form, with the capability to drill down to details. The EIS empowers the executive to learn about the three areas of the business that affect the bottom line.

  • Sales — Summary of sales for the day, month and year, with drill down to billing detail
  • Cash Position — Cash received, cash paid out, expected receipts based on customer terms and expected payouts based on vendor terms
  • Accounting — Up to the second P&L and account status with drill down to transaction detail
  • Productivity — Orders received, orders due by due dates, inventory status, warehouse productivity statistics

Master Distribution System Details:

Order Processing and Customer Service

MDS order processing gives you the control you need to run your business more efficiently with features such as:

  • Interactive Order Taking, including:
    • Visibitlity of inventory status at order time
    • Access to customer order history
    • Automated substitution including ability to obtain product from other warehouses and ability to display and select from available substitute products
    • Interface to UPS tracking facilities
  • Sophisticated Contract/Rebate pricing system
  • Unlimited pricing options including multiple price catalogs (lists), on-line calculation of gross profit, including rebate at time of order
  • Tools for bid/quotation preparation, with automatic conversion to orders
  • On-Line history of customer purchases with ability to generate order from previous customers orders (customer order template)
  • Interface to portable data entry devices for customer and/or salesman remote entry
  • Electronic orders including full EDI implementation of the X.12 standard
  • Extensive Inquiry capabilities available within all programs
  • A single customer order may be shipped from one or more warehouses or direct shipped from a supplier (with automatic generation of the purchase order)
  • Interface to third-party Freight Scale/Manifest systems
  • Consignment and Rental tracking and billing
  • Standing Order Capability
  • Stocking and Stockless Replenishment Systems
  • Integrated Imaging capabilities
  • Warranty tracking

Master Distribution System Details

Inventory Management and Control

  • Scientific Inventory Management module with multi-branch replenishment and Line-Buy capabilities
  • Monitor bin locations for a random warehouse
  • Automatic generation of Vendor Purchase Orders and branch transfer documents
  • Numerous inventory valuation methods including LIFO, FIFO, Average, and Standard
  • Complete kitting capability within order entry
  • Work Order System including Multi-level Bill of Materials, and Raw Material management
  • User-defined unit of measure conversions
  • Lot processing
  • Extensive reporting including Valuation Report, Reorder Report, Slow/Fast Moving Items Report, Availability Report aka Cut (Bought) & Sold Report and more

Master Distribution System Details

Return Merchandise Authorization

  • RMA Authorization Tickets
  • Ability to Fax or E-mail RMA form to customer
  • Once goods are returned they are verified, and if good, they are labeled and returned to inventory
  • RMA receipt reports by:
    • Customer
    • Item
    • Reason Code

Master Distribution System Details


  • Automatic Generation of Drop Ship Purchase Orders with full integration to Accounts Payable and Billing upon completion of the order
  • Purchase orders may be issued in foreign currency
  • Integrated Fax, E-mail and EDI capabilities
  • On-the-Water Tracking with full visibility of expected arrival dates
  • Open Purchase Order Reports by vendor, due date or item
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • History Reports

Master Distribution System Details

Traffic and Import Accounting

  • Import ("On-The-Water") Tracking
  • Numerous reports and inquiries
  • Landed Cost calculations
  • Letters of Credit (LCs), including Open Letter of Credit Reports and inquiries by:
    • LC Number
    • Expiration dates
    • Bank
    • Customer
    • Manufacturer

Master Distribution System Details

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Selection of Physical Inventory procedures, including Cycle Counting Procedures
  • Pick Location select logic based on - solid vs. broken cases and/or expiration date
  • Bar Coding Capabilities including receiving, picking, and order validation
  • Lot and Serial Number Tracking
  • Interface to Warehouse Management Systems including RF (wireless) devices

Master Distribution System Details

Marketing and Sales Analysis

  • Telemarketing System
  • Numerous standard Sales Analysis Reports and inquiries which include:
    • Summary and Detailed Reports in various sequences
    • Sales Reports including Comparative (This Year vs Last Year), Trends (month-by-month), Gross Profit Analysis and more
  • Report Writer for ad-hoc queries
  • Ability to view any report on screen, route to printer or send via e-mail or fax

Master Distribution System Details

Accounting and Financial Management

  • Full integration of Accounts Payable, Receiving and Purchasing
  • Receipts are matched with vendor invoices on-line generating the Payables Distribution, and correcting purchasing and inventory cost information simultaneously
  • Foreign Transaction Systems, including purchasing in foreign currency
  • Letters of Credit Reconciliation, and Landed Cost development
  • Vendor invoices may be selected for payment based on due date and discount date
  • Multiple methods of Cash Application, with automatic generation of charge back notices
  • Credit Control is on-line and interactive with sales order processing
  • Financial Statements may be prepared for companies, and up to three additional levels of cost centers
  • Flexible and fixed budgeting and allocations supported
  • Financial Report Writer allows user to format reports and incorporate statistical data
  • Download of file data to Windows™ based spreadsheets or word processors such as: Excel, Word, WordPerfect, etc.

Master Distribution System Details

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  • Receive orders to the main system or a stand-alone PC
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN)
  • UCC 128 Labels
  • Invoices (810)
  • Purchase Orders (850)
  • Catalogs

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