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Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Build Your Customer Base with
TSH's Integrated CRM

Not too long ago, companies relied more on the personal contact of sales and customer service reps to establish and maintain the customer vendor relationship. Customers knew their account reps and it was that account rep who introduced them to new products, gave quotations, and followed up on customer service issues. With the relentless move toward greater efficiency, however, the customer is being serviced by different departments at different times. The result: Customer Relationship Management has emerged as a critical tool for business.

Customer Relationship Management involves automating and integrating every aspect of the customer relationship. The customer's information passes smoothly from individual to individual so that any company representative can properly service the customer at any given time.

MDS's Customer Relationship Management offers a competitive advantage over third party solutions. Because MDS CRM is fully integrated into your MDS, you are assured it will provide a far more functional solution.

With MDS CRM You Can:
  • Automate and integrate every aspect of the customer relationship
  • Ensure the flow of customer contact information throughout your organization
  • Track all customer communications and commitments
  • Identify and solve issues before they become problems
  • Use the CRM Telemarketing Sub-System to support corporate sales efforts
  • Use the CRM Management Module to support relationships with existing customers

Remember: People buy from people — not from companies. Make sure your people have the information to build and maintain the right relationships with your prospects and customers.

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