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The Systems House has been implementing enterprise wide software solutions for the medical supply chain for close to 30 years. With many software providers changing their industry focus and eliminating products, The Systems House remains dedicated to Medical and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

TSH's flagship product, the Master Distribution System (MDS), is a fully-integrated, easy-to-learn, enterprise software solution designed to operate in the Medical Supply Chain environment. A proven, mature and modern solution, MDS is robust, stable and customizable. Offering features not found in general distribution products, MDS represents your single, best choice for
Pharma and Medical Distribution Information Technology.

 MDS for Pharmaceutical Distribution...

  • Integrated Pedigree, meeting all federal requirements
  • Rebates and Contract Management
  • Lot, Expiration Date and Serial Number Tracking
  • DEA and ARCOS reporting
  • EDI - Implementation of X.12 Standard
  • Fully Integrated E-Commerce Capability
  • Multi Carrier Shipping Interface
  • Integrated Reporting using Crystal Reports/Excel
  • Updated Look and Feel using Windows themes and skins
  • Dashboard Interface with Over 200 key Performance Indicators & Multiple graphs
  • Key Pharma functionality, including:
    • EDI for purchasing, billing, rebate and sales tracking
    • State License Maintenance - Keep track of what States your company is licensed to sell in and what Pharma categories you are approved to sell, prevent possible shipments of products you are not authorized to sell.
    • Excessive Product/Customer Usage Maintenance-Keep track of a pill limit with an expiration date or date ranges to make sure that excessive usage on an item doesn’t occur.
    • Reporting that is compliant DEA and ARCOS requirements DEA number checksum logic to prevent incorrect DEA numbers from being entered
    • Pharma Transaction Report- See all transactions affecting items in and out. With easy drill down to acquisitions and dispositions.
    • Drug Type table with matrix to customer table- allows you to tie a customer to specific drug types and check licenses to verify allowable drug types.
    • Product Size, Strength,Color, Family Maintenance - Keep detailed information on products to allow for reporting and customer specific product requirements such as “Customer prefers Strength: 50 MG Color: Blue  Size: Round Pill. “

Compliance Guarantee:
As further commitment to our medical distribution customers, we have developed our Medical Distribution Compliance Guarantee. TSH will incorporate any and all Medical Distribution Industry requirements as part of our regular software updates - at no additional cost to our customers. *

What makes The Systems House the right software partner for your company? Here is some of the feedback we have gotten from current Pharmaceutical distributors on why they selected MDS software:

“The MDS system was developed and continues to be enhanced to support the needs of the community, was the determining factor in our selection. If we were to select another partner it would require major modifications and we’d spend a lot of time explaining our business to them”

“The fact MDS is an enterprise wide solution coving all aspects of my business, offers us the ability to get information to the right people throughout our organization.”

“In today’s business environment an advanced integrated ecommerce solution is not a luxury but a business necessity. The Systems House offers the best solution to maximize our growth”


To download a PDF version of our brochure detailing the Pharmaceutical  Features of MDS, click here
* Normal terms of MDS software update policy apply.

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