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Master Distribution System (MDS)

Now available on an ASP Basis!

Designed for companies who prefer to concentrate on growing their business, rather than managing technology, MDS ASP provides the same benefits of having MDS in house—but without the expense of hardware or a technical staff.

ASP is not a new concept. Rather it is a technological advancement to a concept championed by corporate giants like ADP and EDS. These corporations - understanding the value of servicing companies in processing critical information — formed service bureaus. TSH has taken it to a new level — we will host your business application on our server allowing Secured Remote access via the Internet!

ASP benefits include:

  • Growth
    Let MDS ASP grow with you as your business grows -- add users and services "as needed" so you can never outgrow your system. And, if the time comes when you need an in-house system, TSH can easily move your files to your own system.
  • Zero Obsolescence
    The Systems House owns and maintains the hardware, operating system and application software - it can never become OBSOLETE! Your investment is in your own PCs that you use to connect to The Systems House via a secure Internet connection.
  • TSH is Your Computer Department
    With MDS ASP, our team of experienced professionals is responsible for maintaining and backing up your system. Now you can keep your system running at a price you can afford, and, without the need to employ a costly technology department!

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