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TSH Support: Comfort 24/7

We listen to our customers and we tailor our programs around their needs. We like to think we are offering one thing to our customers... COMFORT

Comfort in knowing we are there when you need us - from the implementation of your system through ongoing support, education and training.

Our support includes:
  • Project Leader. A project leader is assigned to your account, to supervise the implementation of your systems and help you utilize the resources of TSH's support team and business partners. The project leader reports to an executive, and is your main contact.
  • System Study. The primary objective of a Systems Study is to insure that we have a complete understanding of your business, so that we can properly select from the many MDS options in the setup of the system. Your existing procedures will be reviewed, both to fully understand the application requirements, as they now exist, as well as to determine those areas of the system, which might require modification enhancements, or procedural changes.
  • Implementation Meeting. After the System Study is completed, an implementation meeting is organized, where all parties involved with the implementation of the system (i.e., your management and staff, our project team and our business partners) are invited to meet in one room to plan what is to be done, by whom and when. We then create a tailored implementation schedule that will guide everybody through the implementation.
  • Implementation Assistance. Together with consultants, business advisors, partners and staff, we provide total implementation assistance, including site survey, hardware and network installation, software installation, education, hardware/software maintenance and on-site and telephone support.
  • Education and Training. We like to separate education and training, because we believe clients who are educated in how the solution will improve their bottom line, will have a much better chance for success than those who are merely trained in system operation.
  • Information Interpretation (Training). Reports have shown that as high as 70% of all computer systems installed are not utilized properly. The problem is not because of poor systems or incompetent people. Rather management does not know how to interpret the information that they receive. We educate your management group and your staff on what actions to take that will improve your productivity.
  • Internal Controls. A new system means new procedures and controls to guarantee success. We guide you and your CPA or business advisor through the testing and parallel processing required to implement a new system and ascertain that you have control over all aspects of their business.
  • Structured On-Going Support (S.O.S.). Aptly named, structured on-going support is your life preserver when you need those answers to continue processing. Telephone support will be tailored to your business and is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year if necessary.

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