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Master Distribution System (MDS)

Functional, Flexible and Feature-Rich

Designed to operate in a high-volume, order-intensive, service-oriented environment, MDS empowers your company to satisfy customers, improve efficiencies of processing and distribution while you improve your bottom line. MDS addresses all the business processes that a distributor encounters:

Each of these sub-systems can run separately as a stand-alone entity, or as integrated sub-systems into a comprehensive system that shares information from one function to another. With an integrated system, you need enter any item of input only once, and it is automatically available to any other part of the system.

MDS's unique object-oriented approach makes it an enormously flexible system that can be custom configured to meet the most unique demands of your operation, at a packaged system price. And as your business grows, MDS grows with you. Modifications to the system can be made quickly and economically.

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