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MDS Hospital Supply Chain Management

Reduce Hospital Supply Chain Costs

Every Hospital is confronted with the need to reduce overall service cost. This can be accomplished with increasingly painful staff reductions or by improving efficiency and lowering the cost of the hospital's supply chain. Until recently the sophisticated systems needed to manage the hospital supply chain were priced beyond the reach of all but the largest hospital systems. But today, TSH—with its more than 25 years experience in Medical Distribution—provides a complete integrated and affordable software system to accomplish this critical objective.

MDS Hospital Supply Chain Management is a fully-integrated, easy-to-learn, enterprise software solution designed to address the unique requirements of the Hospital Supply Chain. By embracing the latest technologies MDS gives hospitals the tools they need to operate more efficiently. MDS reduces supply chain time and costs by providing direct links from the point of use (the Nursing workstation) to the supplier's ordering system. As a result supply chain time, costs and ordering errors are all reduced.

Hospital Supply Chain Management from Vendor to Patient
With MDS your hospital will:
  • Better manage Purchase Orders and save on requisition costs
  • Reduce obsolescence and waste
  • Manage contracts and enforce compliance
  • Benefit from product standardization
  • Develop a clearer understanding of spending and operational costs
  • Link stock levels to actual usage
  • Match service delivery to actual service needs

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